Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rayshon at 6 Months old. More active, more glutton....

Took a lot of pictures but didnt have time to really post on the blogs. Haven really started him on cereal nor porridge as lil Rayshon dun haf the patience to sit for his meal. Just a few spoons and he will scream. He will reach out to grab the bowl, spoon. Haiz. Not an easy task to feed him.

Greedy boy likes to eat 'our food'.. He will stare at you when you are eating. He will grab and if managed to, jus bring to his mouth... Fed him the little Marie Biscuits and he enjoys but very messy though. Gave him 1 slice of the orange tt we were eating, grab and in his mouth it goes...

Love to jump, eat, be carried around to explore. I have a hyper active curious boy here. Some videos of him in the Jumperoo, being greedy..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rayshon at 5 Months old++

We rented lil Rayshon a Exersauce to see if he can spend a bit more time in the 'walker' tt has so many interesting toys and also he can jump in it. Apparently, daddy feels like buyin one for him, seeing hw active he is compared to Irisa. But end up, we decide to rent a variety of exersauce and jumperoo with that money instead as I expect his interest in a particular toy might dies off very fast. So far, he isnt really spending a lot of time in there, unless its with us, entertaining and playing with him as well.. Attention-seeker!!

Interesting thing that he is fascinated with, everything he takes, goes into his mouth. Toys, hanky, our fingers, pacifier strap.. Oh, i think i can start taking evidences of those items he puts into his mouth so i can show him how greedy he is, from young..
But weird though, he doesnt have that patience enough to last him thru a cereal feed, so again, i decide to postpone to 6 months old.
Why he eats a few mouth, happyily somemore, then he will start throwing tantrums, put his hands to his mouth, grumble and make noise?? weird hor.... OK, lets wait a little longer til my little boy is ready..

And yes, favourite sleeping pose now = Hands over the face, and lying on his side. In the middle of the night, sometimes he will flip in his sleep to lie on his side. scary.. thats why mummy always have to keep an 'eye' on him. a little noise and i have to see what 'position' he is turning to.. poor mummy!!

Every single chance or moment he has on a flat surface = him flipping over!!

Some latest developments:

Managed to have last milk feed at 8-9pm and sleep til 5am in the morning for another feed. On a Lucky day, managed to sleep til 6am++.. (that is so rare!!)

Still not abe to suceed in feedin him a feed of cereal. halfway thru = tantrum and i wonder why

Loves to kick and splash in the bath tub during bath time and mummy/great grandma got all wet

Signs of teething as starts to put everything into his mouth, loose stools frequency increases. (am keeping a lookout daily)

Face rashes start to recover, with on and off outbreak..

Showing a 'good' sign of temperament.. =(

Had a funny yet, unbelievable incident yesterday afternoon. Daddy arranged for mahjong at jurong and i said i wanna stay home with rayshon. Then i went to make milk as he is making noise already. After i am done, i walked past him with the milk to get hanky, he screamed.

So after he cooled down, i fed him and he was ok. Then when i finished my sentence, i am stayin home with rayshon. This little boy starts to refuse his milk, scream, wail and cry.

Me, daddy & great grandma did all we could. See cars from window, see clothes from service yard, walk to the rooms, practically everything we tried. He will calm down but still angry again. Final resort, bring him to main door and he calms down. And seeing that no one opens the door, he starts wailing again.

End result, we fed him milk at the corridor. I think he is telling me he wants to go jurong!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Rayshon at 4Months 4Weeks

Gave little boy Heinz Organic Finger Biscuit and he loves it. Though not really able to do the 'swallowing' part properly yet but i can tell we got a greedy boy here. See how much he is enjoying and the mess he creates.

His favourite past time everyday - putting his fist/fingers/thumb into his mouth and dig dig dig... sometimes to the extend he will choke, vomit a bit of milk or create a mess of drool on the playmat and saliva all over.. Alamak... So different from Irisa...

He likes to find me when he sleeps and he tends to put his hand over his head and sleep like that. In the car, he will hold 2 sides of the safety belt strap and goes to sleep, on the carrier, he likes to hold the sides of the carrier and sleep too. I think he likes to hold something for comfort and security to sleep if he is not at home. So cute huh!

And yes, did i mention, he can take his pacifier out and out it back himself. But then he cant do that with the teether when i offer him. I caught a video of him doing and he was still grinning at me... So cute.. Developments He can sit steadily in the walker, with a occasional walk to the front He can flip aldy and when we place him lying down, he will flip n flip He can really play and laugh when we tease him He will stare at us intently when he sees us having meals He will sort of stopped screaming when he sees his milk coming He cant stand eating slowly for his cereal when he is hungry and ends up crying after 2-3 spoons Poor little boy caught the flu bug from jie jie and has no medication except for the nose drip which is said to make him feel better. Flu bug, please go away..

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 3, 2011 Went for Dim Sum at Resort World Sentosa, Feng Shui Inn. Nice food and really money for quality. Gonna go again and try the live seafood... yum yum.. And lil Rayshon had a fun time lying on the pram, watching repeat soccer on TV & 'talking' to the fishes in the tanks. We fed him some Mango Pomelo and tt got him so excited and slowly he learnt to 'swallow' by himself. When we stopped giving him, we need to give him his milk in order to stop him screaming for more... After that, we went for cake eating at the Festive Hotel Lounge. He tried the cheesecake & chocolate cake. Oh my, he did enjoy so much lo... Such a greedy boy..

1st Playmat which even his elder sister dont get to have. Cos we realised that he like to fiddle and sometimes talk to the soft toys on the cot mobile. And thus, we decide to get him a play mat tt sometimes he can sleep on it during the day, other than sitting on the walker. He seems to enjoy and everything he can grasp, goes in to his mouth..

1st Food Jar April 4 2011

Got him a Heinz Pear & Banana food jar since he is so 'into' eating our food. Apparently the 'sourish' taste from the pear, i guess, he didnt like and he shudder after he taste it... So funny.. Too bad i didnt managed to catch it on video. After i finish giving him, jus a few spoons, his sister came over and finished it up.. hahahha..

Latest updates

He is very responsive and loves to play

He can chuckle when someone plays with him

Can sit more steadily on the walker, with more strength on his neck

Taking a much longer nap during the day, but still waking up so many times for night feeds.. =(

(should mummy really start to dilute his milk til it is jus water to stop him????)

video of him playing

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Rayshon passes 4 months old

4 Months and 10 days old My little boy, growing day by day, heavier and heavier. Wants to be carried most of the times, a very challenging task to take care of him. He got his own temper and will scream out loud or cry and shout at the same time if he cant gets what he wants. We went back for his review 2 weeks ago. Doc advised us on a precise lab test if we want to have a 100% sure answer that the 'lymph nodes swell' is due to BCG. So we go ahead and need to wait for 3-4 weeks for a result. Meantime, he feedback that the wound area still seems a bit swollen. Told us to look after it, and to go back if we noticed any redness, puss or swell. *stress* Some updates & developments: He can sit in the walker, and manages to push himself while in it. Of cos, push backwards first la. He got a lot of strength, ends up with a lot of abrasion on his toes, feet and face. He loves to 'stretch' with so much strength when we put him on the pram. (guess he dun like to be in it) He is making chuckle sometimes when we play with him He sure loves to smile, esp when we talk or play with him His cry is really powerful. (i think almost half the block can hear him) We look back at Irisa pics of her in walker and realised they both looks the same. Take a loook at Irisa blog when she is arnd 3M-4M old and u will find them look alike...

Irisa shaving his head and screaming it out

Making a lot of noise when we leave him in the cot for a while. see how he throws his tantrum

Him in the walker finally, and he can aldy walk backwards

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rayshon latest updates

Lately Rayshon was admitted to KKH for a 'growth or lymph node in medical term' that well up with puss underneath the left armpit area. According to the PD, it was due to a reaction to BCG and it was very common. Hearing that he need to be admitted, it pain my heart, especially it means that he needs to go under the knife (a small procedure) to 'cut' the growth and drain out the puss.

Luckily everything went well and he is recovering well now. Need to go for change of dressing daily then progress to once every 2 days. Mummy even have to stay in with him, in order to take care of him while he is kept under observation after draining out the puss.

Now Rayshon is recovering well, the wound seems much smaller. Surprisingly, he isnt really affected at all. Still playing and happy everyday.

Above are some pics of him in the ward after the procedure.

Today he travelled in the car for the 1st time in a car seat. Using the handover from his older sis, it converts from a Princess Seat to Prince Seat. And when older sis outgrow the current Car Seat to Booster then lil bro will take over again. So nice..

Took some pics of his favourite past time - 'fist' eating... so cute.
a video of him playin in the ward with me next day morning..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rash Rash GO Away

Lately Rayshon had some rash on his face that we took it as Milk Rash. End up the rash worsen and got more, spreadin to more areas of his face. Decided to check it up on internet and realised it was some kind of Fungal Infection - Ringworm. So worried and brought him to GP.
So stressful to apply the cream as no good to eat it, so Doc advised to apply during his longer sleepin period which is after 10pm, whereby he will sleep til 2-3am. I had to apply thinly and also make sure while applying i dun wake him up..
After 2 days of applying, finally the rash clear up. Now jus some discolouration from the rash and according to the doc, it may takes about 2-3 weeks to even out. I hope it doesnt leave any scar or marks on my handsome boy.. (if not he sure blame mummy when he is older to understand) Praying hard... and hope it will go away and not come again. (Today mummy change all the bedsheet to prevent any recurration)
Little boy is 3 months and 1 day old today. He is more active during the day now. Sleeping habits are like this:
Last feed at 8-9pm every night. 12-1am wakes up to drink if not arnd 2am. Then wakes up again from 4-5am for another feed. But strangely, everyday between 6-7am, he will fuss and wake up to sleep beside Mummy and need to cuddle to sleep. Until 8-9am, wakes up drink milk, bath at 10-11am, nap a short while til 12noon then play a while. Sleep again from 1plus, drink at 3pm then drift to sleep on and off. Active period is 5-8pm, he will fuss at 7pm onwards to wipe him then drink milk and slowly play himself to sleep.. That is why mummy so tired.
Now he is starting to recognise people, esp mummy. He will want to look for Mummy to wipe, drink milk and carry him when he is cranky, sleepy or tired. Really pay off my hard work taking care of him 24/7... But it is so taxing to handle a clingy baby while trying to devote some time to his elder sister admist all the housework.. Cant wait for him to grow up faster so that I can have more time to spend with both of them evenly..
Most impt, my dear boy, please learn to sleep thru the nite without any feed soon.... Mummy is so sleep deprived....!!!